Identity and knowledge

The essence of the Identity and Knowledge pedagogical method is to establish a connection between the self and the knowledge to be acquired. By placing the knowledge in a personal context, it can create intrinsic (self-rewarding) motivation.

The game is a board game paired with a card game. The game has elements that are a stable part of the game and elements that can be developed according to the user's needs.
The framework game already has an elaborated model called Identity and Locality. The aim of the game, in this case, is to strengthen local identity and to convey local history knowledge in a disadvantaged micro-region.
The primary goal of the creators is to expand the teaching and methodological capabilities of personality development and local history knowledge in the classroom or out of class. The Identity and Locality board game helps children to recognize their values, to discover the value their peers and their surroundings, to discover geographic, social and economic values ​​of their place of residence, to seek solutions to improve their lives, to gain local knowledge, and to work actively for it.
Contrary to the logic of average board games, it is not based on competition but cooperation. This means that there is no winner in the competition, but the cooperation and common thinking lead the players. Card questions generate conversation, but the topic is always in a pedagogically controlled way.

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