We are a space independent knowledge based regional economic center of gravity interwoven with the international economic centers of gravity through our communities of practice.

We are driven by the embedded knowledge and competencies of our members, partners and communities. We are a project network developing through internal processes that are built on our members' development projects focusing on measurable outcomes of  innovation and high impact commercialization.

We have a combined focus in offering a general service BUSINESS INCUBATION,  to our members arriving at any stage of their life cycle as owners of high impact ideas, scalable social or economic assets. We help our members MOVE TECHNOLOGY OUT OF THE LAB AND INTO THE MARKETPLACE; providing a powerful range of ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES and enhanced innovation capacity for business owners at all stages of personal and business development. We strive at learning and creating together with our stakeholders. We aim at investing efforts into educating a NEW GENERATION OF BUSINESS FOUNDERS AND CREATIVE THINKERS.


Vision: “We are a self-sustaining, university driven entrepreneurship ecosystem that allows the interaction of all actors of the socio-economic environment of the region interwoven with the international economic centers of gravity through our communities of practice.”

Mission: “Facilitate the innovation ecosystem of the University of Pecs and its region by developing entrepreneurial capacity through stimulating meaningful interactions, participation in events and co-creating programs, which prepare the soil for innovation amongst the university and non-university members of the socio-economic environment.”

Main objectives

Simonyi BEDC to achieve its mission offers educational program imbedded in the regular curriculum and outside in the form of extracurricular activities to all students, faculty members at the University of Pécs to enhance entrepreneurial opportunities for them and for other actors in the region. The main objectives include the following:

  • Offering degree and non-degree programs to students in the field of entrepreneurship on the University level to expand entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • Integration practice oriented, action, and transformative learning methods in the curriculum at all levels across disciplines to develop entrepreneurial culture of students;
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary interaction of students and faculty members outside the class to stimulate creative and innovative thinking;
  • Opening the University to all actors of the region by integrating their business and non-business problems into class activities to facilitate co-learning and co-creation;
  • Re-activating Alumni, regional entrepreneurs, businesses in the regional ecosystem by involving them in the framework of a structured mentoring and ambassadorship program;
  • Empowering students across all disciplines to seek opportunities, organize their professional activities and to come forward with meaningful, high impact initiatives.

Simonyi BEDC to accelerate entrepreneurial activities in the region and to enhance its socio-economic impact coordinates its integrated Simonyi BEDC Entrepreneurship Ecosystem that allows Simonyi BEDC to involve different stakeholders in its education programs in a systematic manner.

Ever since the formation of the Hungarian Medical Cluster it has set the objective to develop the sector by the means of networking, with the collaboration of the still Hungarian-owned fragmented businesses, universities, research institutes of the domestic medical technology sector, taking into account the current industrial policy objectives. The healthcare industry includes curative-preventive and rehabilitation services, service providing and background sectors, the researches underlying them, the manufacturing and marketing of products relating to health-conscious lifestyle. This sector is one of the most promising opportunities among the tipping points. The healthcare industry corresponds to each national economic priority, as it has quite innovative and research-intensive areas, it has significant, partially unexploited opportunities in foreign markets, and it has a substantial labour base which can be further expanded. Within the Hungarian innovation the medical device industry has always played a major role. This is demonstrated by the grand prizes won by the large enterprises of the sector. Several large-scale research projects, amounting to billions of forints, have started in the “homecare” device category with the cooperation of SMEs and multinational companies. Unique solutions have been created in the field of large-value digital diagnostic technology. The Hungarian medical devices are available in each continent, including the Antarctica. The Hungarian medical technology industry is too fragmented and poor in capital for a really fast development. It is indispensable to focus and facilitate the activities, to establish close collaboration with knowledge centres (Universities of Medicine and Technology) and enhanced development market cooperation. In the Irinyi Plan, the government specifies the healthcare industry as a priority area to be developed and as a competitive sector providing high added value, including the dynamically developing innovative domestic medical equipment and device manufacturing, the primary professional representative of which is the Hungarian Medical Cluster.