Research and Innovation at the University of Pécs


With its student headcount of 20 000 people, 2 000 researchers, 22 doctoral schools and 10 faculties, the University of Pécs is one of the most significant universities of Hungary. It plays a decisive role in all the intellectual fields of the region, in education, arts, science and healing. In the perspective of our university, innovation is of key importance, with the focus on talent support. Our institution strives to be an active facilitator of the innovation and technology transfer processes from the exploration of the born intellectual creations to their realization, thereby becoming a determining player in the domestic and international innovation market.

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the University of Pécs has been at the disposal of researchers, students and business partners since 2005. Our mission is to efficiently integrate the knowledge base of our University into innovation processes, thus making use of research and development results and inventions as innovations that bring real value to the economy and the society. In recent years, our team has been involved in the identification, protection and utilization of nearly 150 intellectual properties.

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Our main activities

  • Regular assessment of the innovation and cultural potential, furthermore, research infrastructure of the UOP
  • Seeking for utilizable research results, creation and management of an intellectual product portfolio from idea to recovery
  • Provision of legal protection of intellectual works and management of the intellectual product portfolio of the University
  • Search for business partners and investors, utilization of marketable technologies
  • Innovation marketing and promotion of university technologies
  • Exploring the research and development, furthermore, innovation potential of the UOP, development and promotion of a service portfolio
  • Development of economic relations, support for research and business cooperation
  • Assessment of the innovation needs of the economic sector and its mediation towards our researchers
  • Organization of trainings, forums, partner meetings and dissemination of business innovation culture within the framework of our training
  • Participation in the work of international and national professional organisations and networks

Our internal services

  • Evaluation of innovative ideas and technologies, validating them from business aspects
  • Identification of intellectual creations
  • Consultancy in the field of industrial property protection and copyrights, the arrangement of patent and design protection procedures
  • Generating research and development collaboration, full and efficient arrangement of conciliation and contracting with domestic and foreign partners
  • Development and management of a university knowledge map and service portfolio
  • Business planning, market analysis and technology assessment
  • Mentoring, management and consultancy related to the establishment of spin-offs
  • Corporate networking, finding business partners and providing a network of contacts
  • Provision of training for students, researchers and lecturers
  • Innovation knowledge transfer, attitude awareness

Our external services

  • Registration, presentation and full management of the intellectual products and R&D&I services of the UOP
  • Establishment of corporate relationships, one-stop administration
  • Free-of-charge consultancy in the field of industrial property protection and copyrights
  • Generating R&D projects, seeking for partners; project development and resource acquisition
  • Full arrangement of utilization and R&D contracts