Our activities

Our main activities are the followings:

  • mapping the innovation and research potential of the University of Pécs on a regular basis
  • searching for intellectual products at the University of Pécs to create an Intellectual Product Portfolio and managing them from the idea to the utilization
  • counseling in the fields of innovation management and protection of industrial property in cooperation with the National Office of Intellectual Property (and PATLIB Centre)
  • identifying intellectual assets, funding and, finding business partners and investors, managing intellectual property protection (industrial property rights) and copyright procedures,
  • innovation management, innovation marketing, business consultancy and grant facilitation services
  • generating R&D projects, creating business plans, fundraising, R&D&I marketing, corporate connections, finding business partners and projects
  • managing utilization and R&D contracts with national and foreign partners
  • founding spin-off and start-up companies and mentoring them
  • assessing the innovation needs of the economy and transferring the assessment to the researchers
  • spreading business innovation culture through trainings, forums and partner meeting events
  • participation in national and international professional organisations and networks

Innovation Committee of the University of Pécs

Tasks, and authority

a)      decide about  the reception or rejection of an intellectual product

b)      coordinate the innovation and technology transfer processes at the University

c)      decide about  the internal innovation research grants

d)      offer a proposal for strategic goals and control system related to the innovation activity


The president of the Innovation Committee is the Vice Rector for Science and Innovation, the co-president is the leader of the Chancelleries Grant Management and Innovation Directory - Grant Coordination General Department.


From each fields of science:

Medical and life sciences: Dr. Gábor Hild

Natural science: Dr. Gábor Almási

Engineering: Dr. Mihály Baumann

Economics: Dr. Zsolt Bedő

In addition:

president of Szentágothai Research Centre: Dr. Gábor L. Kovács

leader of the Technology Transfer Office

President of the Committee is allowed to involve external or industrial partners for better utilization of the intellectual products. Due to this, the Committee has twice a year an extended session with participation of these partners.