Synthesis and application of advanced nanomaterials

Keywords: Nanotechnology, nanoparticles, targeted drug delivery, controlled drug delivery, anti-inflammation

Services available:

Experimental production of nanotechnology steroid formulations. Through its application, the main (anti-inflammatory) effect of steroidal formulations is retained, while side effects can be largely eliminated.
Synthesis and characterization of steroid-containing nanowires
Nanoparticle stabilized nanoemulsions for targeted drug delivery
Available infrastructure: 

High pressure homogenizer (APV 2000)
Particle size determinator (Malvern NanoS),
Ultraturax (IKA),
Colloid Mill
Rotational rheometer (AntonPaar),
Gene expression and total miRNA profiling on multiple platforms (Nanostring and QuantStudio)

Research Team
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