3D scanning

We create a 3D digital impression of a physical object, which can preserve its shape and texture down to the smallest detail. The object can then be modified, shaped, made into a blueprint, a technical drawing (for example, for an old building) or 3D printed to reproduce a unique object.

Available infrastructure:

Sense 3D scanner. Entry-level handheld scanner for home, work or art education. Its sensor uses the Intel RealSense SR300 3D camera. The scanners are compatible with most CAD software, and can be printed immediately in optimal cases.
Artec Space Spider scanner. Artec's scanners are now ready for professional use. Its strength is the fast and accurate reproduction of small and complex geometric details. It can be sent straight from Artec Studio 11, which comes with the unit, to CAD software for reverse engineering, making it first class, the pinnacle of handheld scanners.
Leica Scanstation P30 building scanner. Recommended primarily for civil engineering, this top-of-the-range scanner is designed for digital capture and implementation and condition assessment of large-scale infrastructure.

Research Team
PTE 3D Központ


József Nagyréti dr.

Innovation Manager
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