Register for the 30-Day “Space Challenge”!

Have you ever considered space as your next opportunity?

Commercialization Reactor, in cooperation with the Latvian Space Industry Association, invites you to ponder your potential role in the dynamic space economy. Are you ready to embark on a journey into the cosmos?

🌌Space, being one of the fastest-growing industries globally, has opened its doors to diverse businesses from non-space sectors, offering new opportunities. In the Baltics, this trend is gaining momentum too, with an increasing number of support mechanisms for space-related ventures.

🤝 For instance, in 2024, the launch of the new European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (ESA-BIC) is planned in Latvia, with Commercialisation Reactor as the prime partner for this centre’s operations! This initiative aims to further fuel the growth of space-related startups in the region.

Programme structure:
Lecture: without going too much into detail, you’ll learn what the space industry is about today to help you navigate this domain.
30-day challenge: daily targeted tasks to discover your business niche within the space industry, with support of our team and a final pitch.
🌠 Why attend? There’s a high chance that your business or business idea has a role to play in the space industry, qualifying you to join the future ESA-BIC in Latvia as well as other space-related programmes.

👩🚀 Who is it for? Deep-tech startups, technological start-ups, researchers and space enthusiasts, with or without prior knowledge of the space economy.

📅 When? 15.02-21.03.2024

📍 Where? Online

🛰 Fees: 50 EUR / free of charge for CR Residents

✔️ Language: English

ℹ️ Visit our Web page! https://www.commercializationreactor.com/space-challenge/