3D programming, software development, content production

During our R&D collaborations, an integral part of our projects is the development of various software environments and the programming of the tools, target hardware and accessories that are created during these projects. The Centre's expertise, software and specialist resources are open to the market, available as a stand-alone service or in combination with our other services.

The available application areas are: Embedded systems; Medical and other AR\VR solutions; Robot and PLC programming; Programmable, controllable prostheses; Machine vision and image processing; Artificial intelligence; Statistics; Numerical programming; Printed circuit programming; Bioinformatics, gene sequencing; 3D modelling; 3D engineering; Digitisation of physical models; Electronic, technical device development; Image and sound content production
Programming languages: C, C#, C++; Python; Assembly; Java; R; BASH; perl; JavaScript; HTML, CSS; ASP .NET; MATLAB; GNU Octave
Available technologies, development environments: Unity (content development); Embedded systems (Arduino, Raspberry); Printed circuit boards (PCBs), e.g. Eagle, Pads; Android development kit; jQuery, Angular frameworks; Xamarin; .NET; Back-end systems (Go, Node.js); Distributed systems (SGE); Xamarin; .NET; Back-end systems (Go, Node.js); Distributed systems (SGE)
Software skills
Mathematical programming
3D modelling
3D Engineering Design
2D Image editing and animation

Research Team
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