Water quality protection

Our main research fields:

1. Surface and groundwater quality protection, water quality regulation and revitalisation Surface water and groundwater are being polluted by anthropogenic impacts and their potential uses are being reduced and limited. Human and ecological interests require that water bodies in good condition be maintained and restored to good status. These interventions require a complex approach. Developing a water quality intervention programme requires a wide range of knowledge in flow, hydrology, hydrogeology, microbiology, water chemistry and engineering. Therefore, such interventions of this kind are always carried out by research teams specific to the water body concerned.

2. Modelling and optimisation of wastewater treatment plants The operation of treatment plants requires constant professional supervision and almost continuous review. The aim is to meet ecological objectives and legal obligations at the lowest possible operating cost. The use of modern wastewater treatment models will make it easier to understand the complex operating mechanisms of wastewater treatment plants. These can be used to optimise operations and to test the plant's performance under different operating conditions (e.g. long term load growth), optimise operating costs and improve the cleaning efficiency.

3. Wastewater treatment

4. Drinking and industrial water treatment

5. Testing, adaptation and development of water and wastewater treatment technologies

Our main services:

1. Computer modelling

2. Technology development, adaptation

3. Testing, optimisation 

Available equipment:

1. BIOWIN wastewater treatment modelling software

2. Flow and process laboratory

3. Chemical and environmental measurement laboratory equipment, instruments and instrumentation: AAS, ICP-OES, water quality measurement system for field measurements

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Innovation Manager
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