Structural diagnostics

Our main research areas:

1. Optimised diagnostic procedures for masonry structures As a result of the investigations, the reliability of different non-destructive, low-destructive and destructive methods will be compared with mathematical statistics methods and optimised inspection algorithms will be developed for different types of structures according to the significance, technical and static condition of the structure. The primary applications of the research results are: structural and static inspection of load-bearing structures of historic and listed buildings, structural and static inspection of masonry bridges and other engineering structures.

2. Condition assessment of masonry bridges and buildings using structural modelling and diagnostics

3. Modelling of structural degradation processes

4. Diagnostic procedures for the rehabilitation of structures

Our main services:

1. Condition assessment of engineering structures through in situ diagnostic tests and structural monitoring 2. Strength testing and qualification of construction materials

3. Load testing of supporting structures

Available equipment:

1. Mobile structural diagnostics laboratory

2. Building materials diagnostic laboratory

3. Support structure diagnostic laboratory

4. Computer controlled mobile measuring station (type HBM-MGC plus)

Field of science


Dániel Orosz

Innovation Manager
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