General and environmental microbiology

Our main applied research areas:

1. Isolation and characterisation of target species of fungi and bacteria, identification of their metabolites and their breeding for higher yields

2. Composting of metals, polluting materials

3. Microbiological conditions for biogas production

4. Isolation, identification, quantification and detoxification of micotoxins

5. Medical use of antibiotics, plant extracts and oils

6. Isolation, production and application of primary and secondary metabolites of micro-organisms

7. Breeding of disease resistant and high yielding plant varieties, development of seed production technologies

8. Technological development in plant protection

Our main basic research areas:

1. Investigation of the mechanism of action of heavy metals, in particular chromium compounds, which pollute the environment.

2. Investigation of stress processes in unicellular microfungi (Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Phaffia rhodozyma, Candida glabrata).

3. Study of morpho- and pathogenesis processes in Candida species.

4. Mechanism of action and detoxification of mycotoxins.

5. Role of lipids in stress processes.

6. Molecular regulation of the host-parasite dialogue.

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