Economic policy research

Our main research areas:

  •  GMR-Hungary model: a model for analysing macro and regional impacts of the interventions of the 2nd National Development Plan and supporting decision-making
  •  GMR-Eurozone model: a model for analysing the regional and macro-level impacts of the EU 6th Framework Programme
  •  Cooperation between universities and local economy in Hungary
  •  Local economic links of the University of Pécs
  •  Research on start-ups and new SMEs as a national institution of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
  •  National and regional level entrepreneurship index
  •  Promotion of university innovation transfer potential to SMEs in border regions
  •  Exploring factors affecting the growth and competitiveness of small enterprises within the Faculty of Economics

Our main services:

  •  Regional and macroeconomic modelling to support development policy making
  •  Studies, analyses, economic policy recommendations
  •  Analysis of factors affecting individual competitiveness of firms, the link between competitiveness and innovation, competitiveness calculations
Field of science


Dániel Orosz

Innovation Manager
+3630/ 296 53 09